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Lee, Lee, Lim, Lee, and Kim: Integrated Medicine Therapy for a Patient with Tuberculous Spondylitis: a Case Report
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The purpose of this study is to report the clinical effects of Integrated Medicine Therapy on Tuberculous Spondylitis.


The patient was diagnosed with Tuberculous Spondylitis by MRI. Despite taking antituberculous drugs for one month the back pain remained. As a result the patient was hospitalized shortly thereafter in our hospital, and was treated with acupuncture, pharmacopuncture, and herbal medication during the admission period. The clinical effects of these treatments are measured by the verbal rating scale(VRS), the range of motion(ROM) and the Korean oswestry disability index(KODI).


VRS is changed from 10 to 3.5, limited lumbar ROM recovered, KODI changed from 85.71 to 28.57.


These results suggest that integrated medicine therapy may be effective for tuberculous spondylitis.

Fig. 1
MRI image of lumbar spine
Left image is T1, right image is T2. MRI findings in tuberculous spondylitis may be consist of low signal intensity on T1 weighted images and high signal images on T2 images.
Fig. 2
The change of verbal rating scale
Table 1
The Change of Verbal Rating Scale and Range of Motion
Admission day 0 week 2 week 4 week 8 week 12 week 16 week
Verbal rating scale 10 7.5 5 4.5 3.5 3.5
Range of motion Flexion Refuse test due to pain 80(−) 80(−)
Extension 10(+) 10(+)
Lateral bendiong(right / left) 30(+) 30(+) 30(+) 30(+)
Rotation(right / left) 40(+) 40(+) 40(+) 40(+)
Table 2
The Change of Korean Version of the Oswestry Disability Index
Korean version of the oswestry disability index Admission (2015. 1. 26) Discharge (2015. 5. 15)
Pain 4 2
Personal care(washing, dressing, etc) 5 3
Lifting 5 4
Walking 5 2
Sitting 5 1
Standing 5 3
Sleeping 1 0
Social life No answer No answer
Treveling No answer No answer
Sex life No answer No answer
Total 85.71 28.57


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