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Heo, Hyun, Mo, Kim, Park, and Hwang: The Effect of Korean Medical Treatment on 4 Patients with Acute Traumatic Meniscal Tear
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The purpose of this study is to report the effect of Korean medical treatment on 4 patients with acute traumatic meniscal tear, presenting severe knee pain and limitation of range of motion of the knee joint.


4 patients with acute traumatic meniscal tear had been treated with acupuncture, herbal treatment, moxibustion, and wet-cupping therapy. From administration to discharge, we recorded subjective pain by using a visual analogue scale and by measuring the range of motion of the knee joint once per week.


The visual analogue scale of knee pain of all 4 cases reduced to 0 after treatment. The range of motion of the knee joint also increased considerably after treatment.


In this study, Korean medical treatment may have been effective in reducing knee pain and increasing the range of motion of the knee joint.

Fig. 1.
Right knee MRI of case 1
Fig. 2.
Right knee MRI of case 2
Fig. 3.
Left knee MRI of case 3
Fig. 4.
Left knee MRI of case 4
Fig. 5.
Changes of VAS
Fig. 6.
Changes of active ROM of flexion of knee
Fig. 7.
Changes of passive ROM of flexion of knee
Fig. 8.
Changes of active ROM of extention of knee
Fig. 9.
Changes of passive ROM of extention of knee


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