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Noh, Kim, Kim, Yang, Kim, and Lee: Effects of Catgut-embedding Acupuncture Therapy on Plantar Fasciitis: Case Report※
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The purpose of this study was to report the clinical effects of catgut-embedding acupuncture therapy on plantar fasciitis.


Two patients were treated mainly with catgut-embedding acupuncture therapy and partly with other Korean medicine modalities. Catgut-embedding acupuncture therapy was applied once a week for three weeks, and follow-up observation was conducted by telephone survey two months after the first treatment.


In these two cases, the pain numerical rating scale(NRS) gradually decreased from 8 to 1, and the pain relief as well as the improvement in ambulatory function was maintained at two-month follow-up.


Catgut-embedding acupuncture therapy could be effective for pain-reduction and functional improvement in plantar fasciitis.

Fig. 1.
Application of catgut-embedding acupuncture therapy on plantar fasciitis
Fig. 2.
Change of numerical raging scale(NRS) of sole pain in case 1
Fig. 3.
Change of numerical raging scale(NRS) of sole pain in case 2

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