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Kim, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Lim, Jung, and Kim: A Case Report of Patient with Femoral Neck Fracture Treated Non-operative Korean Medical Treatments
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The purpose on this report is to show the clinical efficacy of korean medical treatments for femoral neck fracture treated non-operatively.


The patient with femoral neck fracture was treated using acupuncture, herbal medication, And the efficacy of treatment had been measured in visual analog scale(VAS) scores and Harris hip scores(HHS) per one month for seven months.


After treatment, HHS score had been increased from 0 to 74 and VAS of femoral pain had been decreased form 10 to 1.5.


From the above results, It is demonstrated that korean medical treatments is effective on patient with femoral neck fracture treated non-operatively.

Fig. 1.
Femoral neck fracture in X-ray
Fig. 2.
Femoral neck fracture in CT
Fig. 3.
Avascular necrosis of femoral head in MRI
Imp : Avascular necrosis of right femoral head, stae 2B.
Malunion of right femoral neck fracture.
Multiple muscle strain or muscle edema at both gluteus muscle.
Mild joint effusion at boht hip joint.
Fig. 4.
The change of visual analog scale
Fig. 5.
The change of Harris hip score

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