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Lee, Ji, Jeon, Kim, and Kim: Effect of Needle-embedding & Acupuncture Therapy on Shoulder Pain in Behcet Disease Patient: A Case Report
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Objectives :

The object of this study is to observe the effect of needle-embedding and acupuncture therapy on shoulder pain in Behcet disease.

Methods :

Needle-embedding therapy and acupuncture therapy was used to treat shoulder pain. We evaluated the patient through visual analog scale(VAS) and shoulder range of movement(ROM).

Results :

After weekly four times of needle-embedding therapy and daily acupuncture therapy, patient’s VAS was decreased to 4 and ROM of shoulder was also improved.

Conclusions :

Needle-embedding and acupuncture therapy could be effective to decrease shoulder pain and improve movement of shoulder in Behcet disease patient.

Fig. 1.
Change of shoulder pain VAS
Table 1.
Change of ROM of Shoulder
2012. 04. 23 (Adm, the first medical examination) 2012. 05. 01 2012. 05. 09 2012. 05. 16 2012. 05. 23 2012. 05. 24 (discharge)
Abduction(Rt/Lt) 90(+)/180 90(+)/180 90(+)/180 110(+)/180 120(+)/180 120(+)/180
Adduction(Rt/Lt) 45/45 45/45 45/45 45/45 45/45 45/45
Extension(Rt/Lt) 0(+)/45 0(+)/45 0(+)/45 15(+)/45 30(+)/45 30(+)/45
Flexion(Rt/Lt) 90(+)/180 90(+)/180 100(+)/180 120(+)/180 120(+)/180 120(+)/180
Internal rotation(Rt/Lt) 90/90 90/90 90/90 90/90 90/90 90/90
External rotation(Rt/Lt) 45(+)/90 45(+)/90 45(+)/90 45(+)/90 60(+)/90 60(+)/90

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