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Kim, Lee, Lee, Na, and Cho: Effects of Electro and Laser Acupuncture Treatment with GB39 and GB34 on Neuropathic Pain in Rats Induced by Tibial and Sural Nerve Ligation※
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Objectives :

We studied the effects of electro and laser acupuncture treatment with GB39 and GB34 on neuropathic pain in rats induced by tibial and sural nerve ligation.

Methods :

To produce the model of neuropathic pain, the tibial and sural nerves of rats were ligated by a 6-0 silk thread. Three days after the neuropathic surgery, only electro acupuncture(EA), electro acupuncture and 830 nm laser acupuncture(EA-LA-1), and electro acupuncture and 904 nm laser acupuncture(EA-LA-2) were treated with GB39 and GB34 twice a week for 8 weeks. We observed the withdrawal response of neuropathic rats’ legs by von Frey filament and acetone stimulation. We also observed c-fos and nocieptin on the central gray area in the midbrain of neuropathic rats.

Results :

As we observed the effect of mechanical allodynia, the EA and EA-LA-1 groups in 5 and 6 weeks and the EA-LA-2 group in 6 weeks increased significantly compared with the control group. As for the effect of c-fos activity in the central gray region, the EA, EA-LA-1, and EA-LA-2 groups decreased significantly compared with the control group. The EA-LA-2 group increased significantly compared with the control group as regards the effect of nociceptin activity in the central gray region.

Conclusions :

We noticed the synergic effect of electro and laser acupuncture treatment because the EA-LA-1 and EA-LA-2 groups had more controllable effect compared with the control group. This study can be used in clinical therapy for neuropathic pain.


This study was supported by a grant of the Traditional Korean Medicine Industry Development Product R&D Project, Ministry of Health & Welfare, Republic of Korea(F090001)

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