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Kim, Youn, Lee, Kim, and Yoo: A Study of the Relationship between Modic Type Changs 2 and Facet Joint Arthrosis
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The purpose of this study was to observe the correlation between modic type changes 2 and facet joint arthrosis.


We randomly selected the 93 patients with Lumbar MRI films who had been admitted to Haeundae Jaseng Korean Medicine Hospital from January to June 2015 Modic type changes 2 and facet joint arthrosis data were collected and statistically analyzed.


In this study, if the findings of the MRI showed modic type changes 2the cases of facet joint arthrosis increased.


There was a significant correlation between modic type changes 2 and facet joint arthrosis

Fig. 1
Modic type 1 changes: hypointense on T1W1(left) and hyperintense on T2W1(right) at L3/4
Fig. 2
Modic type 2 changes: hyperintense on T1W1(left) and isointense or hyperintense on T2W1(right) at L4/5
Fig. 3
Modic type 3 changes: hypointense on both T1W1(left) and T2W1(right) at L4/5
Table 1
Distribution of Sex and Age
Age Male(%) Female(%) Total(%)
20~29 1(3.0) 2(3.3) 3(3.2)
30~39 12(36.4) 5(8.3) 17(18.3)
40~49 11(33.3) 7(11.7) 18(19.4)
50~59 5(15.2) 18(30.0) 23(24.7)
60~69 3(9.1) 23(38.3) 26(27.9)
70~79 1(3.0) 4(6.7) 5(5.4)
80~89 0(0.0) 1(1.7) 1(1.1)

Displays the number of patients with percent(%)

Table 2
Distribution of Facet Joint Arthrosis according to Age
Facet Joint Arthrosis
Age Male(%) Female(%) Total(%)
20~29 0(0.0) 2(6.5) 2(4.3)
30~39 3(21.4) 0(0.0) 3(6.7)
40~49 5(35.7) 4(12.9) 9(20.0)
50~59 2(14.3) 10(32.3) 12(26.7)
60~69 3(21.4) 13(41.9) 16(35.6)
70~79 1(7.2) 2(6.4) 3(6.7)
80~89 0(0.0) 0(0.0) 0(0.0)

Displays the number of patients with percent(%)

Table 3
Distribution of Modic Type Change 2 and Facet Joint Arthrosis according to Lumbar Levels
Modic Type Changes 2(%) Facet Joint Arthrosis(%)
L1/2 1(0.8) 0(0.0)
L2/3 3(2.6) 2(4.2)
L3/4 9(7.8) 5(10.4)
L4/5 48(41.4) 24(50.0)
L5/S1 55(47.4) 17(35.4)

Displays the number of patients with percent(%)



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