Editorial Board


Ho-Sueb Song Gil Korean Medical Hospital, Gachon University, Korea

Associate Editors

Associate Editors
Stephen Birch Kristiania University College, Institute of Health Sciences, Norway
Jin-Tae Hong Chungbuk National University, Korea
Myeong Soo Lee Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Korea
Sang-Hoon Lee Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine Hospital, Korea
Ikuro Wakayama Kansai University of Health Sciences, Japan

Editorial Board

Editorial Board
Terje Alraek Kristiania University College/(NAFKAM), Norway
David Baxter University of Otago, New Zealand
Zhaoxiang Bian Hong Kong Baptist University, China
Mark Bovey British Acupuncture Council, UK
Benno Brinkhaus Charité - University Medicine, Germany
Holger Cramer University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany
Mike Cummings British Medical Acupuncture Society, UK
Giovanna Franconi Systems Medicine Dept. Tor Vergata University, Italy
Carlo Maria Giovanardi Institute of Research and Care of the AMAB, Italy
Richard Harris Medical School, University of Michigan, USA
Mi Suk Kang Gil Korean Medical Hospital, Gachon University, Korea
Chen Keji Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, China
Mohamed Khalil National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Saudi Arabia
Jae Soo Kim College of Korean Medicine, Daegu Haany University, Korea
Kun Hyung Kim Pusan National University Hospital, Korea
Jong Uk Kim Korean Medicine Hospital of Woosuk University, Korea
Eun jung Kim College of Oriental Medicine, Dongguk University, Korea
Jian Kong Harvard Medical School, USA
Lixing Lao School of Chinese Medicine The University of Hong Kong, China
Kwangho Lee Oriental Medicine Hospital of Sangji University, Korea
Hyunjong Lee College of Korean Medicine, Daegu Haany University, Korea
Juah Lee Gil Korean Medical Hospital, Gachon University, Korea
Jianping Liu Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
Weidong Lu Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA
Thomas Lundeberg Pain Rehabilitation, Danderyds Hospital, Sweden
Hugh MacPherson Department of Health Sciences University of York, UK
Arya Nielsen Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, USA
Fan Qu School of Medicine Zhejiang University, China
Nicola Robinson London South Bank University, UK
Jeong Du Roh Je-Cheon Hospital of Traditional Korean Medicine, Semyung University, Korea
Byung-Kwan Seo Kyung Hee University Hospital at Gangdong, Korea
Chenchen Wang Tufts University School of Medicine, USA
Gi Young Yang Pusan National University School of Korean Medicine, Korea
Christopher Zaslawski School of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Technology, Australia
Junhua Zhang Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China
Tony Zhang RMIT University, Australia

Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor
Aejin Song College of Korean Medicine, Gachon University, Korea

Statistical Editor

Statistical Editor
Seung-Deok Lee Dongguk University Los Angeles, USA

Managing Editor

Managing Editor
Jihye Hwang Gil Korean Medical Hospital, Gachon University, Korea

Manuscript Editor

Manuscript Editor
Sujin Lee MEDrang Inc., Korea
May 31, 2024 Vol.41 No.2, pp. 75~142

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